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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

At Wolfreton we believe that quality first teaching impacts on students’ interest, motivation and personal desire and belief in their ability to achieve. Our mission statement embodies this:

‘We aim to enable every young person to fulfil their academic potential, providing the foundations for them to excel in all that they do and to leave prepared to achieve all their ambitions.’ Our clear approach to teaching and learning is founded on key principles including:

We are committed to celebrate intellectual curiosity and scholastic intent. We promote a love of learning and aim to make it the norm to do things that are challenging and academic,’ teaching to the top’. We celebrate the expertise of the subject teachers and strive towards excellence in subject knowledge and pedagogy through a strong culture of professional learning.

All lessons are planned with a clear focus. There will be a single, clear learning goal of high challenge posed as  a ‘big question’ for investigation. The big question is; the narrative, or the line of enquiry.

Teachers will ensure that student activities are appropriately challenging, high-value and purposeful in helping students to learn, practice and retain curriculum content. Tasks and activities should be scaffolded to support those who need help to achieve the goal.

Teachers will embed knowledge from the Scheme of Learning through their explanations. Threshold concepts should be acknowledged and supported to allow students to access new knowledge and the application of this appropriately.

Teachers will provide opportunities for deliberate practice to allow students to embed their learning of knowledge and the application of their learning.

Teachers will model how to access and complete tasks, and how to achieve excellence in the quality of work produced. Subject expertise should be integral in the delivery of the curriculum.

Teachers will use effective questioning to check understanding and secure knowledge with all students, targeting and differentiating for the students within the class.

Teachers will use feedback to further develop learning and allow time for students to apply the feedback to make progress.

Our teachers are subject specialists who share a passion for their subjects.  We are always working to further develop teaching and in doing so work collaboratively to share best practice that works.