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Snow and Bad Weather

Snow and Bad Weather Arrangements

Any decision made to close the school is a significant one as it not only does it interrupt learning but we also appreciate that it causes considerable difficulties for our parents / carers. It is always our aim to remain open, however in the event of extreme weather we will make any decision to close the school after considering the safety of students on the school site.

Our emergency plans for school closure are as follows:

Heavy snow overnight

In the event of heavy snow overnight we will:

  • Contact BBC RADIO HUMBERSIDE, KCFM and VIKING who issue information updates on all school closures during bad weather.
  • Aim to leave a message on the switchboard and update the school website (please note this is only possible where trained staff have been able to access the school).

The weather can change rapidly and this can influence any decision we need to take at a given time. Please ensure that you have discussed emergency arrangements with your child if they leave home very early.

Heavy snow during the day

On very few occasions a decision may have to be made to send students home from school early if heavy snow falls and is forecast to continue to fall during the school day. This decision will never be taken lightly as we appreciate that many parents work and will not be at home immediately to welcome children. Please discuss what you would like your child to do in the event of them being sent home early. Due to our large number of students it is not possible to contact each parent individually by phone however we will issue a text via the School Comms text service, mobile networks permitting. We will also update our switchboard message and the school website.

If you choose to arrange to collect your child from school, please collect them from outside to avoid blocking the drive or causing a hazard to any students still leaving on foot in difficult conditions.

A member of staff will always remain on each site until the last student has left. As we are a large site, please remind your child that they should wait in The Forum so that we know where they are.

Icy conditions

All members of the school community including students and visitors are asked to move around the site safely in icy conditions as it is not possible to grit all areas of the school grounds.

Unexpected flooding or other extreme weather related events

In the event of any extreme weather related events we will follow the same procedures as outlined for heavy snow wherever possible. We will always endeavour to provide information via the school website, switchboard and where imminent the SchoolComms text alert.