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Named after Joseph Rowntree, a determined businessman and philanthropist. Rowntree's shield reflects virtue and learning and his commitment to education and charitable causes. To contact the Head Of Year / Pastoral Manager  please call switchboard Tel 01482 659356 or email adding House name / HOY name or PM name to the Subject line.

Year teams  
Year 7 Mrs S Bates (Head of Year), Mrs S Haywood (Pastoral Manager)
Year 8 Mr J Slater (Head of Year), Miss E Thompson (Pastoral Manager)
Year 9 Mr S Hemsley (Head of Year), Mrs A Painter (Pastoral Manager)
Year 10 Mr S Walsh (Head of Year), Miss C Cater (Pastoral Manager)
Year 11 Mr S Hewick (Head of Year), Mrs J Reed (Pastoral Manager)
Rowntree House Team
7 RED Mrs R Al Edany
7 MBF Dr M Baffetti
8 GDI Mrs G Dibnah
8 RKI Mr R King
9 LDU Mrs L Dunleavy
9 VWO Miss V Woodmansey
10 MCI Mrs M Cain
10 AHO Mr A Hornshaw
11 DKE Mr D Kemp
11 PWO Mr P Wood