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  1. Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances Policy (ERYC)|pdf File
  2. Accessibility Policy |pdf File
  3. Anti-Bullying Policy|pdf File
  4. Anti-Smoking Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  5. Behaviour Policy (Positive Discipline) - Website|pdf File
  6. Behaviour Principles - Written Statement (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  7. Bereavement Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  8. CCTV Policy |pdf File
  9. CEIAG Policy|pdf File
  10. Charging and Remissions Policy (TCAT)|pdf File
  11. Child Protection and Safeguarding (TCAT)|pdf File
  12. Children Missing in Education Policy (Wolfreton) - Oct 2019|pdf File
  13. Child Sexual Exploitation Policy TCAT|pdf File
  14. Complaints Procedure (External )|pdf File
  15. Data Protection Policy|pdf File
  16. Data Protection Statement (TCAT)|pdf File
  17. Drugs Alcohol and NPS Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  18. Educational Visits and Offsite Activities Policy|pdf File
  19. Equality Policy |pdf File
  20. E-Safety Guidance for Young People (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  21. Examination Policy and Procedures|pdf File
  22. Exclusion Policy (TCAT)|pdf File
  23. Health and Safety Policy (TCAT)|pdf File
  24. Homework and Learning Beyond the Classroom Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  25. ICT Acceptable Use Policy|pdf File
  26. Keeping Children Safe in Education - Part 1 2019|pdf File
  27. PREVENT Policy|pdf File
  28. Procurement Policy (TCAT)|pdf File
  29. Protection of Biometric Information Policy (Trust)|pdf File
  30. Provider Access Policy |pdf File
  31. Records Management Policy (TCAT)|pdf File
  32. Reserves Policy (TCAT)|pdf File
  33. School Uniform (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  34. Searching and Confiscation Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  35. SEND Policy|pdf File
  36. Send Information Report 2019|pdf File
  37. Sex and Relationships Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  38. Social Media Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  39. Supporting Learners with Medical Conditions Policy|pdf File
  40. Word Processor Policy (Wolfreton)|pdf File
  41. Whistleblowing Policy|pdf File
  42. Wolfreton Local Offer|pdf File
  43. TCAT Gifts and Hospitality Policy|pdf File