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Named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and famous for her work in the Crimean War. Nightingale's shield reflects her faithful service to nursing and improving the lives of others. To contact the Head Of House / Pastoral Manager  please call switchboard Tel 01482 659356 or email adding House name / HOH name or PM name to the Subject line.


Nightingale House Team
Head of House Miss L Hull
Pastoral Manager Miss C Cater
NG1 Mr J Bates
NG2 Mr J Addy
NG3 Mrs E Van Den Bron (Mrs B Morton - Tuesday and Thursday)
NG4 Miss H Putnam (Mrs A Welsh - Thursday)
NG5 Mr S Hemsley
NG6 Mr B Steel
NG7 Miss M Kitchen
NG8 Miss O Windmill
NG9 Mrs H Hogan
NG10 Mr J Wilkinson