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About Us

House System


One of our recognised strengths is our pastoral care. We work hard to ensure that each individual is known and matters, and that through our tutor groups and the House system, each student can feel part of a smaller ‘family’. Tutor groups are guided through their school year by their Form Tutor, and these tutor groups work together in one of our school Houses: Nightingale, Owen, Rowntree, Tomlinson and Wilberforce. All students and staff are assigned to one of our Houses. All students benefit from the support of their own Pastoral Manager and Head of Year who will ensure that students are supported to achieve the highest possible standards during their time at Wolfreton.

Our school Houses are now well established and enjoy the benefits this tradition brings. The House names – Nightingale, Owen, Rowntree, Tomlinson and Wilberforce – were selected by students. The individuals the Houses were named after were selected because they reflected ‘The Wolfreton Way’ of excellence, endeavour respect; each were also philanthropists – they were charitable and caring towards others.