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GCSE celebrations!

Well done to all of our students, who after so much hard work, received their results today. Particular success stories include Jiayuan Feng who achieved one A and an amazing A* / 9 in everything else. He said ‘I was hoping for a mix of As and A*s so I’ve done better than I’d hoped, I’ll settle for that. I am staying on at Wolfreton for sixth form as the teachers know me and I know them, I feel very comfortable speaking to them. I’m going to study A levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Japanese and IT.’

Harrison Loader achieved an A in Japanese with A*s/8 /9s in everything else.  He said ‘I am going to stay at Wolfreton to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at A level. I am especially pleased with my A in Japanese and my 9 in Maths but I’m a bit shell-shocked. When I rang my mum I could tell she was smiling at the other end of the phone!’


Hannah Kynman achieved 9 A*s/8/9s and 2 As/7s. She said ‘My hard work has definitely paid off and my results are even better than I hoped for. I’m so happy with my 9 in English Language, A in Further Maths and A*s in all my sciences. I’m still deciding which A levels to do, I was planning to do Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography but I’m also considering PE as I love my sport. I’m really pleased that my friends have all done really well too, so we can all be happy together.’


Caitlin Hill achieved a mixture of A*s, As, 7/8/9s. She said ‘I’m so pleased with my A* is Art, I did lots of extra work at dinner and after school and the exam went well. I’m going to study Maths, Biology, History and Art at Wolfreton as I know the teachers and it’s obviously working for me.’


Headteacher Mr McCready said ‘Despite the huge changes to examinations at Key Stage 4, we are very pleased with these results, which reflect the hard work put in by students and staff alike.’