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Hull FC Stars visit Wolfreton

Hull FC Captain Gareth Ellis and Prop Forward Chris Green have visited Wolfreton for the first of a series of training sessions with students. The sessions will take place over four weeks and culminate in a tournament against a dozen other local East Riding and Hull schools at the the Elite Performance Centre at County Road in West Hull, Hull FC first-team’s training head-quarters.

Gareth Ellis said ‘It has been disappointing in a city like Hull that over recent years numbers taking part in rugby league have been dwindling. Our Head Coach asked if we would be interested in promoting the sport in schools and we were keen to get involved. It’s very promising to see so many schools taking part in the tournament and so many students here at Wolfreton who are regularly playing rugby.’

Former Wolfreton student Chris Green said ‘The facilities have changed a lot since my time at Wolfreton and I’m sure everyone will be keen to play on this amazing pitch. However, in spite of the previous facilities, Wolfreton has always been really strong at sport, so this should be seen as a just reward for their efforts. At the end of our training sessions, Wolfreton students will come up against teams from a variety of other local schools and I’m sure they’ll do very well.’

PE Teacher Mr Marshall said ‘I’m really delighted that our students have this great opportunity to meet and learn from two experienced professionals. Not just the skills of the game but also the application, character and determination required to become a professional or elite level athlete. It's also great for the kids to see an ex-student like Chris playing at the highest level, as it gives them someone to aspire to. Although the majority of these lads play rugby outside of school there are a number who don't, so hopefully this might inspire them to take up the sport as well. I really appreciate Chris and Gaz giving up their time to do this and would like to thank Hull FC for providing this opportunity for our students.’