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The Chase

The Sixth Form Council today hosted a Wolfreton version of ‘The Chase’ to raise funds for mental health charity Mind. A team from each of the five Houses competed against teacher Mr Bainbridge, who was The Chaser. The teams comprised of students from across the year groups, with questions covering a wide range of subjects from geography to sport to history and maths, along with popular culture.

The two highest scoring teams were from Rowntree and Tomlinson Houses and, having beaten The Chaser, they went on to a head to head, with one member from each team answering a sudden death question. The winning team were Tomlinson, who were represented by Emma Lamplough, a Year 7 student. Head of Tomlinson House Miss Atkinson said ‘Tomlinson is clearly a very talented House as I chose the students’ names from a hat from a list of over 20 volunteers.’

Head Boy Josh Whittingham said ‘It was good to see the whole school getting involved to raise money for Mind and to see so many clever younger students.’ Sixth Form Council member Rachael Hardy said ‘I was really excited to raise money for mental health charity Mind as they don’t receive enough funding from the NHS and it’s a charity close to my own heart.’

Mr Bainbridge, aka ‘The Chaser’, said ‘I am thrilled as a keen ‘quizzer’ myself to see how many brilliant students we have, it was really impressive to see them in action today.’

Mr Robinson, Sixth Form Student Services Manager said ‘Congratulations to the Sixth Form Council members for the successful organisation of a special Wolfreton version of ‘The Chase’. More than 200 students packed into the Sports Hub to raise money for the Sixth Form’s designated charity, Mind. Thanks to Mr Bainbridge aka ‘The Chaser’. The event has already raised well over £100 and brought together students from all year groups and all Houses. Well done to all!