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Teaching Staff 

Mr J Addy Geography
Miss C Atkinson Head of Tomlinson House (Modern Foreign Languages)
Mr M Bainbridge History
Mrs N Bainbridge Science
Mr J Bates PE
Mrs S Bates PE
Mrs A Bradley Mathematics
Mr N Broughton Subject Leader - Art
Miss K Buckley PE
Mr M Carruthers Assistant Headteacher (Geography)
Mr P Cartlich Mathematics
Mr G Clark Assistant Headteacher (English)
Mr A Clarkson Sociology
Mrs C Collinson Computing
Mrs N Cook English
Mr D Corcuera Modern Foreign Languages
Mr M Costigan Modern Foreign Languages
Miss J Dawson Curriculum Area Leader - Business and Computing
Mr S Douglas Music
Mr J Dowsland Computing
Mrs S Drennan History
Ms L Dunleavy English
Mrs A Edwards Technology
Mrs S Fortnam Director of Learning (English)
Miss L Garnier PE
Miss M Hanger English
Mrs R Harris Learning Support
Mrs C Harrison Business Studies
Mr J Hartley Science
Mr S Hemsley Mathematics
Mr S Hewick Head of Owen House (Geography)
Mr M Hewitt Business Studies
Mrs H Hogan  Curriculum Area Leader - Modern Foreign Languages
Miss L Hull Head of Nightingale House (Geography)
Mr A Jackson PE
Miss V Keith Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Kemp Science
Mr P Kilkenny Curriculum Area Leader - Technology
Miss M Kitchen PE
Miss S Kukuc Associate Headteacher (Geography)
Mr S Layne Head of Rowntree House (Mathematics)
Mr R Markham Director of Learning - Mathematics
Mr K Marshall PE
Mr P Matthews Science
Mr D McCready Headteacher (Science)
Miss A Moores Science
Mrs R Mullen English
Mrs J Needham Director of Learning - Science
Mr T Oliver Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs T Ollett Subject Leader - Society and Ethics
Mrs K Orrett Art
Mr A Paffley Computing
Mrs N Parker Health and Social Care / Psychology
Mrs R Pattison History
Miss K Perry English
Miss A Platten English
Mrs L Poole English
Miss H Putnam History 
Miss J Renton Society and Ethics
Mrs S Roberts Drama
Mr D Rockett Science
Mr J Rowe Mathematics
Mr P Rowe Curriculum Area Leader - PE
Mrs T Sands Modern Foreign Languages
Miss G Scott Mathematics
Mr C Sinclair Geography
Mrs D Smith Science
Mr A Spratt Mathematics
Mr F Starkey English
Miss D Stathers Modern Foreign Languages
Mr S Syson Technology
Mrs B Tamminen English
Mrs L Taylor Assistant Headteacher (Geography)
Mr D Temperton Associate Deputy Headteacher (PE)
Mr J Thornham  Head of Wilberforce House (History)
Mr B Tonks Art
Mr W Van Rijn Subject Leader - Drama
Mrs L Vickers Technology
Mrs D Vitta Psychology
Mr B Walker Science
Mr R Walker Mathematics
Mrs L Warnett Assistant Headteacher (Science)
Miss L Watson Technology
Miss L Watts History
Mr L West English
Miss E Whall Science
Ms R Whitfield Geography
Mrs J Wicks Technology
Mrs H Wilkinson Sixth Form Learning Manager (History)
Ms S Williams Curriculum Area Leader - Learning Support
Mrs M Wilson Psychology
Miss O Windmill English
Ms A Wood Assistant Headteacher (Learning Support)
Mr P Wood Mathematics
Mr D Zobkiw Curriculum Area Leader - Creative and Performing Arts (Music)

Support Staff 

Mr P Abraham Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Allwood Science Technician
Mr S Ashdown Senior Creative and Performing Arts Technician
Mrs C Barnes Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss K Barnes Vocational Learning Mentor
Mr P Barnes Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Bayley Finance Officer
Mrs F Bennett Administrative Assistant
Mr S Bixby ICT Network Manager
Mrs L Brown Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Brunyee Teaching Assistant
Mr A Capraro Technician i/c Technology
Miss C Cater Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Chelsey Technician i/c Science
Mrs N Corlass Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Draper Administrative Assistant
Mr C Eaman Pastoral Manager Owen House
Mrs S Fallowfield Administrative Assistant
Mr K Fox Teaching Assistant
Mr R Garfitt Senior ICT Technician
Mrs M Gibson Administrative Assistant
Mrs C Gordon Marketing and Income Generation Co-ordinator
Mrs S Hampshire Library Assistant
Mr S Harris Teaching Assistant
Miss S Hodson Science Technician
Miss J Horsfield Pastoral Manager Wilberforce House
Mrs J Iversen Careers Advisor
Mrs S Lazenby Business and Finance Manager
Mr M Lowe Facilities Assistant
Mr I Medley Facilities Assistant
Mr L Medlin Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Morgan Switchboard Receptionist
Mr T Morgan ICT Technician
Mr P Morris Facilities Manager
Mrs K Mould Teaching Assistant
Miss E Mumby Design and Marketing Technician
Mrs J Noble Attendance and Welfare Manager
Mrs T Oldridge Office Manager
Mr B Page Facilities Assistant
Mrs A Painter Pastoral Manager Tomlinson House
Mrs L Parker Pastoral Manager Nightingale House
Mrs F Rainforth Pastoral Manager Rowntree House
Mrs V Rees Library Manager
Mr I Robinson Sixth Form Student Services Manager
Mr S Rodgers Data Co-ordinator
Mr K Rogers Data Support Assistant
Miss W Saverton Data Support Assistant i/c Exams
Mrs L Scaife Careers Co-ordinator
Mrs J Simpson Human Resources and Admin Manager
Miss S Sullivan Administrative Assistant
Mrs H Thomas Switchboard Receptionist
Miss E Thompson Administrative Assistant Learning Support
Mrs J Waddy Technology Technician
Mrs N Wilson Finance Assistant
Mrs T Young Teaching Assistant