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Teaching & Learning


To support students to revise effectively for linear examinations, opportunities are planned to ensure that students can learn a range of revision strategies and explore which work for them.

A Study Skills Programme explores revision techniques and revision resources.  Students look at approaches including:

  • Note taking
  • Dual Coding
  • Memory Clock
  • Mind mapping
  • Revision cards
  • Use of past examination papers

We also remind students of the importance of actively engaging with the materials being revised. Resources the school make available to support revision include PiXL and GCSE Pod.  A parent login is issued to parents of each student to allow them to access revision tools and assessments. Please contact the school if you require further guidance. GCSEPod includes a range of subject specific podcasts which can be filtered by examination specification.

All students receive passwords to access these resources.  Should parents / carers require further support with these, please contact your child’s House Pastoral Manager.  GCSEPod parent support guides are available on the E-Learning page.

Intervention sessions to support students with their work and/or revision take place in the months in the lead up to exams. Staff discuss with students’ which sessions they should attend and any queries should be directed to the Director of Learning/Area Improvement Leader in the first instance. A revision timetable is made available to students detailing sessions they should attend.