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Parent Voice

As a school we aim to work in close partnership with our parents and carers, and listening to parental feedback is an important aspect of this work.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any questions or concerns, or indeed if they wish to provide feedback.  Our dedicated Pastoral Manager team can act as a first point of call to ensure that questions can be addressed quickly and redirected where required.

We also ensure that there are more formal opportunities to collect feedback and this is done annually through parental surveys on each of our parents’ evenings.  As well as responding to specific questions parents are invited to provide any additional feedback.  Attendance is very high on these evenings, however to ensure that all can provide feedback any parents who are unable to attend can request a survey from their child’s Pastoral Manager.

The results of our Parent Voice surveys for 2017-18 are shared below.  They include parents from all year groups and have once again been very positive, however this does not make us complacent and we are always looking to drive further improvements for all of our students and their families.

  Agree/Strongly Agree
My child is happy at Wolfreton  97%
My child is safe at Wolfreton  99%
Wolfreton meets my child's particular needs 97%
My child is making good progress 96%
My child is well taught 98%
Wolfreton help me to support my child's learning 97%
My child receives appropriate home learning 94%
Overall students at Wolfreton are well behaved 89%
Wolfreton deals effectively with any incidence of unacceptable behaviour 94%
I am aware how I can report concerns about potential bullying behaviour 97%
Wolfreton deals effectively with bullying behaviour 91%
Wolfreton makes sure my child is well prepared for the future 98%
I am confident that Wolfreton supports my child's personal development 99%
Wolfreton is led and managed effectively 98%
Overall, I am happy with my child's experience at Wolfreton 98%
Overall, I am pleased with the quality of education my child receives at Wolfreton  99%
Wolfreton responds to my concerns 96%

Feedback specifically on the transition from Year 6 – Year 7:

  Agree/Strongly Agree
Overall I am happy with my child's move to Wolfreton  99%
Overall I was happy with the information I received prior to my child's arrival 97%
If I had any concerns with the transfer I am happy with how they have been dealt with 100%

I am confident that Wolfreton supports my child's well-being


The questions we ask in our surveys include all of those asked through Ofsted’s Parent View website.  Parents are also encouraged to share their feedback on Parent View by following the link provided.