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Creating global citizens • Learn it Live it

PSHE is a high impact course that enables students to reach their full potential by developing knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to thrive as global citizens.

PSHE provides students with the capacity to make responsible decisions and manage many of the most critical challenges and opportunities life can present.

PSHE provides a platform that gives every student the opportunity to be safe and successful within the ever-changing landscapes of today’s society.

The PSHE Team
Mr C Sinclair Faculty Leader - PSHE, Personal Development, EPQ, Geography
Mr M Bainbridge History and Politics
Mrs N Bainbridge Science
Mrs S Bates Head of Year 7 - PE
Mrs A Bradley Maths
Mrs G Dibnah Technology
Mr S Douglas Music
Mr N Goodman Science
Mrs C Harrison Business Studies
Mr D Kemp Science
Mr R King History
Ms M Kitchen PE
Mr R Milner Religious Studies
Miss H Putnam History
Mrs J Riley Religious Studies
Mrs L Thornham History and Law
Mr S Walsh Head of Year 9 - Science

Key Stage 3 

You can find out more detailed information about the Key Stage 3 curriculum here

Key Stage 4 

In Year 10, PSHE is delivered through a timetabled lesson. In Year 11 young people again focus on PSHE through our Enrichment Days. Days in Year 11 include a Careers Day where local employers support our young people by visiting us to give mock interviews, we look at apprenticeships, social media in the work place and also Log on Move on.  Further days include a post 16 progression day and a sex and relationships education day.

Year 10

  • Citizenship
  • Sex and Relationships
  • Mental Well-being
  • Finance
  • Careers
  • Sex and Relationships
Year 11
  • Careers
  • Progression Routes
  • Sex and Relationships