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Wolfreton School and Sixth Form College celebrated the publication of the school’s latest Ofsted report, following its inspection on 23-24 October 2013. The inspection found that Wolfreton is a good school. The achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management are all good.

Inspectors observed more than 50 lessons and discussions were held with senior staff, subject leaders, learning and pastoral managers, teaching staff, the Chair and vice-chair of the Governing Body, and the link adviser from the East Riding local authority. Inspectors met with representatives of the student senate and other groups of students from each key stage, listened to students read and spoke to students in lessons, at break time and during lunchtimes. They also checked work in students’ books and looked at a range of documents relating to students’ progress over time, the school’s view of its own performance, improvement planning and safeguarding procedures. They found that:

The achievement of students is - Good

  • Achievement has improved in recent years such that it is now good. Students are now making the progress they should, and standards are rising.
  • A sharp focus on increasing the proportions of students who are making expected and more than expected progress means that progress is now good.
  • Four fifths of parents agreed that their child makes good progress at this school.

The quality of teaching is - Good

  • The quality of teaching in the majority of lessons observed by inspectors was good or better.
  • The quality of teaching observed in the sixth form was good during the inspection with good identification of, and support for, any sixth form students who are underachieving.
  • Students recognise and appreciate the good support that teachers provide which helps them make good progress in their work and successfully promotes equal opportunities.
  • Parents are supportive of the school and believe that students are well taught.

The behaviour and safety of students is - Good

  • Students throughout the school, including the sixth form, are very positive about their school and are appreciative of the hard work and support of their teachers in helping them learn.
  • Students and staff show respect and courtesy to each other in an atmosphere of trust.
  • There is good recognition of student achievements, academic, sporting and other, which are celebrated by the school through displays, in assemblies and in form groups.
  • Staff, students and parents alike all recognise that behaviour is good.

The leadership and management are - Good

  • All school leaders, including the governors, share a vision of improvement for the school with middle leaders sharing and informing these goals. Subject leaders have a good and consistent understanding of, and commitment to, improving the quality of teaching and accelerating the progress of students, especially those eligible for pupil premium funding.
  • The school’s diligent and successful pursuit of the improvement issues identified in the previous inspection has been key to driving improvements in achievement, teaching and behaviour. Staff support this vision for improvement and understand their part in it.
  • Teaching is very well led and managed by both senior and subject leaders.
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced and meets the needs of most students with a good mix of academic, technical and practical subjects which promote learning and contribute to positive behaviour.

Lance Boanas, Chair of Governors, said ‘The Governors are delighted and proud to see that Wolfreton School and Sixth Form College has been recognised as a “Good School” by Ofsted.  It is a just reward for all of the hard work by every single member of staff and the students’ determination and commitment to excellence. We will remain focussed on the key issues to move the school further forwards as we continue on our journey to becoming an outstanding school.’

Head Teacher, Dave McCready, said ‘As a parent myself I can understand the importance of being able to send my child to a ‘Good school’ and I would like to thank all of our parents for trusting us to be able to provide a high quality education for all our students. We are excited by the challenges we now face in building on this success and moving the school towards outstanding.’

For further information about our report, see the Ofsted website: