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Where words fail, music speaks

To promote positivity, self-confidence, self-worth and community. To foster a life-long interest and awareness of different types of music. To develop a learning of the world around you, through music, which is found in every culture across the world.

The Music Team
Mr D Zobkiw Area Improvement Leader
Mrs R Appleyard Deputy Headteacher Teacher of Music
Mr S Douglas Teacher of Music

Key Stage 3

Year 7

  1. Using Your Voice
  2. Rhythms of the World
  3. Guitar I
  4. Keyboard Skills
  5. Programme Music
  6. Mysterious Music

Year 8

  1. Blues
  2. Guitar II
  3. Reggae
  4. Club Dance

Year 9 Rotation


Key Stage 4 

GCSE Music – Exam Board

BTEC Music – Exam Board

Year 9

Year 9

Western Classical tradition – Analysis, Composition

Beatles Sgt Peppers analysis - Composition skills, Performance

Haydn’s clock analysis - Composing through AQA AoS/ Key words, Performance if pupils still need to perform.

Complete composition - Essay question exam prep for Haydn and Beatles

Free composition unit - Key terms.

Ensemble skills – musical futures.

Exploring music – Blues music

Rehearsal techniques/ performance unit

Btec Composition unit

Production skills unit

External Assessment


Year 10

Year 10

Composition 1

Analysis of Aos Contemporary folk music

Composition 1 Completed for Christmas.

Analysis of study style – popular music.

Analysis of study style – Western Classical tradition from 1910

Performance skills

Analysis of study style – Western classical tradition 1650 - 1910

Performance skills

Exam listening technique

Composition 1 started.

Composition 1 developed.

Component 1

A1 Genres of music

A2 Development of music

A3 Stylistic features and characteristics (music theory)


A: Develop appreciation of styles and genres of music

B: Explore techniques used to create music products


Year 11

Year 11

Composition 1 Work AQA

Pre-submission Oct half term.

Listening starters to embed prior learning and prep for PPE.

Composition 1 refinement following generic feedback.

Composition 2 – Brief started.

Listening Based on feedback from PPE.

Performance 1 – solo completed.

Composition 1 finished.

Composition 2 submitted – half-term.

Prep for listening/ completion of NEA.

Listening prep.

Creating a music product.

Prep for industry exam.


Understanding music composition

Prep for industry exam


Sixth Form 

Wolfreton is part of The Consortium Sixth Form Partnership and all sixth form course information can be found on on its website