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The possibilities are infinite

To spark numerical ingenuity, confidence and fluency by creating, challenging and championing your mathematical understanding.

The Maths Team
Miss G Scott Faculty Leader - Director of Maths
Mrs R Wilkinson Deputy Director of Maths
Mrs M Carter Assistant Director of Maths
M Baffetti Teacher of Maths
R El Adany Teacher of Maths
Mr S Hemsley Head of Year 9 and Teacher of Maths
Mrs H Parkin Teacher of Maths
Miss A Watkins Teacher of Maths
Mr P Weatherald Teacher of Maths
Mrs A Welsh Teacher of Maths
Mr A Whiteley Teacher of Maths
Mr P Wood Teacher of Maths

Key Stage 3 

You can find out more detailed information about the Key Stage 3 curriculum here

Key Stage 4 

Year 10



S5 The Mean

R3 Numerical Proportion


N8 Fractions and Decimals

R4 Direct and Inverese Proportion

S6 Median and IQR

A5 Linear Graphs

N9 Percentages without a calculator

G6 Coordinates

A5 Simultaneous Equations

N10 Percentages Problem Solving

A4 Linear Equations


G5 Angles in triangles and quadrilaterals

G6 3D shapes

N9 Properties of Number

R1 Ratio and Proportion

G7 Pythagoras' Theorem

S4 Averages

N10 Percentages without a calculator

S5 Probability

G8 Perimeter and Area

S4 Probability


A7 Equations of Lines

G7 3D Shapes

A8 Formulae

G8 Circles

A9 Quadratic Equations

G9 Volume and SA

A10 Completing the Square,

S7 Tree Diagrams

R2 Proportion

A6 Inequalities

N11 Percentages with a calculator

G9 Coordinates

N12 Using a calculator

G10 Trigonometry

A7 Linear Graphs

N13 Percentages Problem Solving

S6 Scatter Graphs

A8 Powers and Brackets

N14 Standard Form

G10 Transformations

A11 Quadratic simultaneous equations

G11 Similar and Congruent

N12 Percentage Change

A12 Inequalities

S8 Probability from Venns

A13 Iteration

A14 Algebraic Fractions

G12 Volume and SA 2

A15 Functions

G13 Compound Measures

G11 Circles

G12 Angles in Polygons

A9 Simultaneous Equations

G13 Transformations

N15 Interest

S7 Large sets of Data

G14 Trigonometric Exact Values

A10 Formulae

G15 Volume

S8 Venn Diagrams and set notation

G16 Compound Measures

Year 11

Higher Foundation

Trigonometry Right Angled Triangles

Volume and SA 2

Percentages Problem Solving


3D Shapes

Compound Measures


Trignometry 2


Transformations of Graphs




Circle Theorems



Percentages without a Calculator

Linear Inequalities

Cumulative Frequency

Volume and SA of other solids

Percentages with a Calculator

Solving Quadratic Equations

Tricky Shape Topics

Percentages Problem Solving

Cubic and Reciprocal Graphs

Venn Diagrams and Set Notation



Equations of Lines

Sixth Form 

Wolfreton is part of The Consortium Sixth Form College and all sixth form course information can be found on its website