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Literacy and numeracy

At Wolfreton, all our teachers are teachers of literacy, and we drive the importance of students being equipped with the appropriate foundations for learning at every level. Reading, writing and communication underpins the school curriculum by developing students’ abilities to speak, listen, read and write for a range of purposes, using language to communicate, explore, learn, think and organise ideas. 

Through our tutor time reading programme, where each week staff and students ‘drop everything and read’ we highlight the value of reading to our students, allowing them time to not only become engrossed in a novel, but to see their tutor do the same.  We have an exciting and inspiring cannon of literature accessed by year 7,8 and 9 students which exposes them to action, fantasy, historical fiction, crime fiction and mystery which sparks mature and varied responses and conversations. 

All staff share the wealth of books they read with the students, both through dialogue and the use of posters in each classroom which provide students with both inspiration and ideas about which books they may choose to read for pleasure. 

Literacy competitions at Wolfreton do not stop at the written word, but extend to daring and mysterious challenges which allow our students to widen their horizons and view reading as something that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.  Our extreme reading challenge proved extremely popular during lockdown, where our students used their time to read a variety of their favourite texts in the most weird and wonderful places. 

We seek to encourage our students to think critically, evaluatively and with clarity about the world around them, ensuring they have the very best life chances in pursuit of their chosen careers.