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Literacy and numeracy

Reading, writing and communication underpins the school curriculum by developing students’ abilities to speak, listen, read and write for a range of purposes, using language to communicate, explore, learn, think and organise ideas.  Similarly, the development of numerical and mathematical abilities supports students across the curriculum.  The Wolfreton philosophy is that every teacher is a teacher of reading, writing, communication and mathematics, and that all subject areas are crucial in developing student literacy and numeracy.  As a result of developing a cross curricular approach the confidence and quality of the students’ communication and skills will be improved.

Beyond curriculum lessons, the development of reading, writing and communication is also supported through focussed weeks during tutor time, monthly literacy foci, additional support work and competitions.  The recent ‘500 words’ competition saw Houses compete to write a Christmas themed story during tutor time. Students could write individually or with their friends and the winning story from each House was published in a booklet. The booklets were then sold to raise funds for Mission Christmas, a local charity which supports families by providing presents for children who otherwise may not receive a gift at Christmas.