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Home Learning

In these unprecedented times which have seen schools across the country close, we remain committed to supporting the learning and continuous development of good learning habits of all of our young people. 

Our approach is a simple one delivered through our academy SharePoint site which is hosted on Office 365.  This is accessed through your child’s personal academy email account.

How does my child know what learning activities are being set?

Each week we upload a Learning Overview Grid to our SharePoint site for all of our young people.  This shows the learning activities that should be completed and any resources that will be needed. 

How does my child access the resources they need?

Learning resources will be available online in one of the following ways:

  1. Learning will be set using the resources already contained within SAM Learning or another of our online learning tools.  Links for all of these are provided for parents and carers below. 
  2. Our teachers will upload specific resources for the week to the subject folders on the academy SharePoint site. 
  3. Paper resource packs - If your child is unable to access the online learning resources please email,uk or contact the academy office on 01482 659356 and we will organise paper based resources to support their learning at this time.

How does my child get help if they are struggling with any learning activities?

We have created a dedicated email address which is monitored throughout school hours by our Home Learning Team.  Any questions can be emailed to .  These will be answered directly or forwarded to subject staff who endeavour to provide the specific support required.

From the start of the summer term, young people can also email subject staff directly using the new subject email addresses which can be found below.  Please note it may not always be your child’s regular teacher who responds to emails.

Subject email addresses 


How does my child share their work with their teachers?

Teaching staff are able to access the learning activities completed through SAM Learning and our other online learning tools. 

Where learning activities are completed from the SharePoint site, young people can share this with their teachers by uploading their work to their One Drive and then emailing it to the subject email address. 

What feedback will my child receive on their learning?

Feedback will be different to when we are in school.  We have designed a blended approach that:

  1. Provides some instant feedback – Many of learning activities completed through SAM Learning, Hegarty, Maths Watch and the PiXL Apps is checked automatically by these programmes and instant feedback is provided. 
  2. Recognises effort – Each week our Home Learning Team look to recognise high engagement with our online learning programmes.  The maths team also recognise effort through Hegarty and Maths Watch.
  3. Celebrates independent learning – We invite our young people to email or photograph individual pieces they are particularly proud of and send them to .  We will look to celebrate some of these on our Twitter feeds.
  4. Provides self-checking opportunities – Subject teams are developing and uploading resources to support our young people to self-check some of their learning completed through SharePoint.  This is designed to provide more rapid reassurance and to build confidence that the right knowledge and skills are being developed before proceeding.
  5. Provides some opportunities for feedback on some specific pieces where valuable – Teachers may identify some specific pieces of work they would like young people to send in to receive more personal feedback if appropriate, though this won’t be the norm.  This may depend on the emerging situation with health and therefore is only one aspect of our approach. 

I have another question about home learning

We have produced a Home Learning Frequently Asked Questions sheet which may address these.  If not, please email and to enable us to respond to these.

Links to our online learning resources can be found below:

Information about who these are for, what they offer and where to find usernames and passwords can be found here              

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