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Understanding the digital world through creativity and coding – a ‘bit’ at a time!

To inspire future generations of creative coders and users in order to be confident, safe and thrive in a global digital economy.

The Computing Team
Mr A Paffley Subject Leader
Mrs C Collinson Teacher of Computing
Mr G Dawson Teacher of Computing
Mr J Dowsland Teacher of Computing
Mrs C Harrison Teacher of Computing

Key Stage 3 

Year 7

  1. Introduction to Small Basic
  2. Button Quiz and E-Safety
  3. HTML and Web Design
  4. Hardware and Software
  5. Graphics Editing
  6. Scratch Programming

 Year 8

  1. Spreadsheets
  2. Small Basic – Text Window Programming
  3. Understanding Computers NB This is CPU, RAM, Binary, Devices
  4. Networks, Encryption and E-Safety
  5. Binary Logic
  6. Kodu

Key Stage 4 

GCSE Computer Science (EdExcel)

Year 9

Problem Solving and Python Programming

Algorithms and Python Programming

Advanced Python – Data Structures and File Handling

Algorithms – Searching and Sorting

Programming Project

Topic 5 – HTML and CSS / Revision

Year 10

Topic 3 – Data

Problem solving, algorithms and programming

Project preparation / practice projects


Topic 4 and LMC

Year 11

Topic 5

Topic 6

Topic 4 – Logic

Sixth Form 

Wolfreton is part of The Consortium Sixth Form Partnership and all sixth form course information can be found on on its website