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Assessment and internal exams


At Wolfreton we believe that regular assessment and feedback supports students to make progress in their learning. 

Work is teacher assessed through ‘Key Marked Pieces’ of work. Students complete these each half term. Key Marked Pieces are a mixture of formal tests, extended pieces completed over a number of weeks and shorter pieces completed within a lesson. At GCSE and A Level these pieces are frequently past exam papers which are marked against the published mark schemes to provide students with a clear picture of their progress. The majority of these Key Marked Pieces are fixed in exercise books. There are however exceptions if they are completed electronically or are practical tasks. Feedback sheets, printed on blue paper, are usually provided. These highlight the grade or level achieved, areas of success which we refer to as WWW (What Went Well) and targets for improvement, referred to as TIFs (To Improve Further).  Students are expected to engage with the feedback provided through their MRI (My Response Is) work.

Internal Examinations

A formal internal, end of year examination is taken by all students in Years 7 – 10.  These examinations are designed to prepare students for the external linear examinations they will take at the end of Key Stage 4 and their Sixth Form Studies.

In Year 11 and the Sixth Form, students sit PPEs (Pre Public Examinations).  These examinations, completed under the same conditions as the external GCSE and A Level examinations, are designed to provide a realistic experience and prepare students for approaching examination seasons. A formal PPE Results Day is held following each set of Pre Public Exams. Further information about exams can be found in the Information section of the website.