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Teaching & Learning

Ad Astra

As a school we are committed to providing an environment which encourages all students to maximise their potential, including more able students and those who have a particular talent.  Provision for our more able and talented students begins in lessons, however it extends to include a range of enrichment activities across the year groups. 

Identifying more able and talented students

We adopt a broad-based inclusive approach towards identifying our more able and talented students, gathering evidence from a wide range of sources, in order to plan to meet their needs.  When identifying the more able and talented, we use both quantitative and qualitative information including:

  • Statistical information including CAT scores.
  • Key Stage 2 scores.
  •  Information from teacher assessments and student tracking.
  • Assessments in music, sport and expressive arts.
  • Primary transfer information.
  • Staff nominations of students who may be more able or talented in their subject.
  • Students who perform very well outside the school environment, particularly in sport, music and drama.
  • Parental/carer requests.
  • Nominations from non-teaching assistants, members of the local community (e.g. external sports clubs) and other professionals.

The provision for more able and talented students begins in the classroom.  Our teaching and learning approach enables appropriate stretch and challenge, and our assessment routines enable us to monitor progress and support further as required.

Our Ad Astra (‘To the stars’) programme pulls together the wide range of enrichment opportunities that are provided for the most able students.  These opportunities are both curricular and cross-curricular in focus.  Recent examples have included the Year 9 science ‘Wind Farms’ enrichment day, led in partnership with HETA, or the Year 7 English ‘Book Group’. 

If you would like to discuss any opportunities that your child is invited to be involved in, or indeed the support available in school, please contact the school.