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Cranswick STEM Sausage Challenge!

'Year 9 students Franki Trotter, Alyssia Pattrick, Leia Britton, Harriette Loader, Libby Nix, Olivia Andrews, Megan Hatfield and Amelia Williamson along with myself and Mr Marshall visited Cranswick Foods to complete a 'sausage branding challenge'! Over the course of the last term, Cranswick have come into school and delivered STEM sessions to the girls to help them develop their own branding and flavour of sausage that ultimately will be showcased at Freedom Festival in September. The girls were split up into two teams: Yorkie Porkers and Trotters. After doing some market research, they developed two flavours each (Yorkie Porkers: Sage and Gravy and Ale and Gravy and Trotters: Meat Feast and Peri Peri.) On Tuesday the students showcased and pitched their products to the judges and a winner was decided! The Peri Peri sausage won and will be showcased and distributed at Freedom Festival, and Franki, Alyssia, Amelia and Olivia won £50 leisure vouchers each for winning! All the girls worked really hard and I’m really proud of how they conducted themselves during the visit and their efforts throughout the project.' Miss Whall, Science teacher