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Year 11 musical collaboration

Students Leonard Agyapong and Harrison Loader have been creating music with our Senior Creative and Performing Arts Technician Mr Ashdown. They’ve just uploaded a new song to ‘soundcloud’ which was recorded at lunchtimes and after school sessions in the school recording studio. The artist name for the band is 3Reasons and the song is called Vintâge, with featuring artist on the track fellow student Amber Reading. The 3Reasons logo was designed by Callum Cook and artwork is by Alex Kalogerakis.

Leonard, 16, said ‘I was already doing beats just for fun then I met Harrison at the end of Year 10 and we became friends. We like different styles of music. I’ve grown up listening to both Michael and Janet Jackson, r&b and soul and I’m now into hip hop.’

Harrison, 15, said ‘With the violin I’ve added a classical influence to Leonard’s hip hop. I like to mix things up by playing pop music as well as classical on the violin. This has been a fun hobby, we haven’t been working to a GCSE brief, there’s been no pressure, it’s just been us doing what we like for our own sake, which adds to the creativity.’

Mr Ashdown, who has overseen the musical production, said ‘I saw Harrison and Leonard practising together and saw the potential they had and knew it would be a great opportunity to get together with them in the recording studio. Their work shows off both the quality of the recording facilities and the quality of work going on at the school. This is a musical collaboration at a high level, they have bags of talent. It’s fantastic work and deserves to meet as wide an audience as possible.’

Listen to their latest track