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Deep Learning Day

Students today have taken part in a variety of activities across their year groups as part of an off timetable Deep Learning Day.

The Year 7 students have taken part in an ‘Understanding E-Safety’ day, where they have learnt about the need to be aware of the dangers when using the internet and measures that can be taken to protect themselves against these dangers and issues. The Year 8 cohort have been involved in ‘The Real Game’, a careers based event, where they aim to gain an initial understanding of the link between career choice and lifestyle. Year 9 students have been involved in the ever popular Africa Day. It aims to celebrate different aspects of African culture including music, art and drama and also involves exploring some of the major issues facing Africa in 2017. The day ends with an amazing performance by the Mighty Zulu Nation. Year 10 have taken part in preparation for their imminent work experience and Year 11 have been presented with information about personal relationships, with representatives from agencies including Cornerhouse, East Riding Youth Team, Humberside Police and Hull Health Partnership. Thank you to all of the external providers who have come in to make today the success it has been.