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September Return 2021

As a school we have been planning for the academic year 2021 – 2022 for quite some time now.  More detailed planning has followed the announcement of the removal of many restrictions placed on schools.  Below is a reminder of the information circulated in the End of Year letter in July 2021 along with some frequently asked questions.

Phased re-opening dates and testing

The Department for Education have confirmed that in September, schools will be expected to provide the opportunity for all of their students to take a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests on site before they return.  Schools will then be expected to offer a second opportunity to test on site 3 – 5 days later.

As a school, we will need to collect consent from parents to enable your child to take up the offer of these tests.  Parents in the new Year’s 8 – 13 (current Years 7 – 12) were invited to give consent in March during the first phase of on-site testing in school and very large numbers did this then; this consent will still be valid.  For new parents, you will be invited to give your consent by completing an online form over the summer period.

To enable all students to take their first test prior to their return, and to again support our new Year 7 students who have not yet visited the school, we will operate a phased return.  The table below shows when students will be invited into school for their first test, after which they will return home.  Over the summer holidays you will be provided with an allocated time for your son/daughter to attend for their first LFT test.

They will return to school to begin lessons the following day.  A second test can be completed once students have returned.  We have planned for these to take place 3 – 5 days later in- line with the guidance provided.



Mon 6 Sept

Tues 7 Sept

Weds 8 Sept

Thurs 9 Sept

LFD Testing

(Come to site to test then return home)

Years 7,

12 and 13


Years 10 and 11

Years 8 and 9

Test 2 begins*

Return to school

Staff training day

Years 7 and 12

Year 13 individual meetings

Years 10 and 11

Years 8 and 9

*For Test 2, students can be brought down from classes during the day and return to class afterwards

The Government has confirmed that attendance at school will be compulsory in September.  


The School Day, Gate Times and Roll Call

Recently, a letter was circulated confirming the times of the school day from September.  A reminder of these is below:



The school day begins promptly for all students at 8:35 am.  All students should be on-site and in roll call lines for 8:30 am to ensure a swift start to the day. 

The school gates open each morning at 8:00 am to allow for those arriving early by bus; students should not arrive before this.  Having ended our staggered arrival arrangements, the Carr Lane gates will be locked at 8:40 am as previously.  Anyone arriving after this time will be late and will have to travel to the Well Lane entrance to sign in once again. 

Roll Call will continue in September, however we will move from our current year group Roll Call to a House Roll call led by their Head of House.  Roll Call provides a good start to the day ensuring all can be welcomed by their House teams, that messages can be shared and supporting consistency in checking standards, including uniform and footwear. 

A large number of our students cycle to and from school.  This year we added a further cycle store to enable a separate store for each year group (Y7 – 11).  If your child travels to school by cycle, please remind them of the importance of road awareness and the highway code.  All students are advised to wear a cycle helmet for their safety and all should bring a secure lock to secure their cycle within the cycle store.  Finally, students arriving by cycle should arrive at the Carr Lane entrance; they will be expected to dismount on arrival at school. 


Break, lunch and catering arrangements

Over the summer our new catering provider, ABM will join the school.  We will send out further information about menus at the start of term however for now, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them.  We are pleased that most of our on-site team are transferring to work with ABM and we look forward to continuing to work alongside them.

From Week 2 in September, we will resume our breakfast menu which will be served from the kiosk outside.  Any student wishing to access breakfast must have purchased and consumed this by 8:30 am when students are expected to join roll call lines.

As you are aware, moving into September we are retaining the spilt break and lunch that has worked well this year and ensures that all students can be served more quickly and, most importantly, can find a seat to eat with their friends.  Having installed our two large canopy seating areas this academic year, we will continue to expect students to spend time outside when they have eaten, making use of the school grounds to socialise.  We continue to strongly recommend a suitable outdoor coat for inclement weather which can unfortunately be a feature of our region.



We will no longer recommend that it is necessary to keep students in consistent groups (‘bubbles’) in school from the autumn term. This will mean that year groups can mix freely at break and lunch times and we can resume normal school activities such as whole school assemblies. Students will have a normal timetable with all students. 

This arrangement will also mean that we will be removing our year group zones and enabling teaching staff to return to their subject areas to deliver their lessons with the specialist resources and equipment in situ.  We will continue to operate our one-way system as we have seen many positives to this, however students will move to their different lessons, again being able to access the whole school. 


Tutor Groups

Having reviewed the success of our year group based tutor groups this year, we have taken the decision to continue with these rather than return to the vertical tutoring approach we had prior to the pandemic. 


School Uniform

At this time of the year many parents embark on purchasing new items of school uniform ready for the start of the new academic year in September.  Can we take this opportunity to remind parents and carers that our uniform supplier is Steady Schoolwear and that all items of our uniform can be purchased from Steady Schoolwear either online at or by visiting their shop at 29 Holderness Road, Hull, HU8 7NA.  Please do place orders in good time for them to be delivered for the new term. 

When shopping for new uniform, either clothing or footwear, can I remind all parents/carers of the school’s expectation in regard to school uniform. Our dress code has been agreed by the Governors and all students in years 7 to 11 are expected to wear the correct uniform and adhere to our ‘Smart and Business-like’ code regarding make-up, jewellery, hair style and piercings.  The dress code and associated expectations can be found on the school website. 

We are aware that there were some challenges earlier this year related to shops being closed and items being unavailable.  From September, we will insist that the correct uniform is worn at all times, therefore please can we ask you ensure your child returns in September in a skirt / trousers and school shoes that meet our published standards to avoid sanctions.  For reference our uniform policy states:

  • Skirts - Plain black tailored skirt. Skirts must sit no more than just above the knee. Skirts should not be of stretchy material or skin tight. Any belt must be plain black with a small, plain black buckle.
  • Trousers - Smart, tailored, plain black, formal uniform type. No close-fitting trousers, lycra, jean, cotton or cord type material. Trousers must be worn to cover ankles; no capri / cropped trousers. Any belt must be plain black with a small, plain buckle.
  • Shoes - Plain black flat heeled school shoes which can be polished. Laces must be black and remain tied. No trainers, boots (footwear that covers the ankle / above), canvas shoes or shoes with logos.

Furthermore, we ask that if your child intends to have a body/facial piercing during the summer please allow sufficient time for the wound to heal before the start of term because piercings of this nature are not permitted to be worn. We continue to reserve the right to send a student home to change if they are not reaching our expectations in this area. 


Mobile Phones

As a school, we understand that some parents wish for their child to have a mobile phone for their safety when travelling to and from school.  We have and will continue to support this however, from September, we are extending our expectation that mobile phones must be turned off and in bags in the building, to mobile phones being turned off and in bags anywhere on-site, including at break and lunchtime.  Students will not be permitted to use their mobile phones on-site and any deviation from this will be addressed through the Behaviour Policy in the usual way.  You will be able to continue to make contact with the school through our Switchboard who will connect you to a member of the pastoral team, or enable you to leave a message so they can call you back.