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Nihongo Cup 2020

Congratulations to Year 10 student Lucy, who took part in the annual Nihongo Cup, a prestigious Japanese speech competition, albeit virtually for the first time due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Lucy's confident performance was on the subject of "Why we should learn foreign languages?" She expressed beautifully the advantages and joy of being able to speak foreign languages and she was very well placed to speak about this topic as she studies Spanish and Japanese as part of the curriculum and French in her own time. 

Japanese teacher Mrs Sands said 'I did not know what to expect until it started as the format was so different this year, but it went very smoothly. The Finalists, including Lucy, were all relaxed as they had done their preparation well. All the usual representatives from the top UK universities were there, including the judging panel from the Japanese Embassy London and  Japan Foundation. Lucy can talk about her experience proudly now, it's not something many students get the chance to participate in - she made me very proud! It was such a great achievement during this difficult time - and due to all her hard work, I feel she really embodied our "Endeavour"  motto beautifully.' Well done Lucy!