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Parents who are key workers

Dear Parent/Carer

We are indeed in unprecedented times and many of us will be facing uncertainty in our personal and professional lives.  Across the Academy and the Trust we have been making arrangements for some time to ensure that our school leaders and staff are in a state of readiness to provide learning and where possible support for our most vulnerable learners during an extended period of closure.

For as long as we can, we will be aiming to provide a service to parents of children and young people who attend one of our schools, who work in the Government’s ‘key worker’ group, in addition to those learners who are in identified vulnerable groups.  You will be aware that yesterday we sent out a preliminary survey.  We are now working to contact the parents / carers who replied to speak to them in person.

The Key Worker list has now been finalised by Central Government and is available at  If you feel you fall into one of the Key Worker categories and did not indicate this yesterday, please contact us at school. We would strongly urge you to consider the five key principles highlighted in the Government Guidance, the purpose of closing schools is to protect young people through social distancing. The Government guidance is clear that if at all possible your child should remain at home.

Whilst we really appreciate that there will be other families facing challenges at this time and unable to continue their daily lives, we stand by the moral purpose to offer support to these amazing people who put complete strangers first before themselves and their own families, to provide a service which is second to none to keep us safe and well cared for in our time of need.

We are unable to provide a usual timetable for learners but will continue to provide learning opportunities and a safe place for them to be during the school day. This provision is likely to extend to cover the Easter Holiday scheduled break.

For those parents wishing to make use of this community service we will need to ensure that some of the usual protocols and systems for school apply to ensure we can fulfil our duty:

  •         School Uniform must be worn
  •         Usual attendance procedures for those learners who are registered to attend apply and punctuality is essential
  •         A food service will be available and usual charges will apply

For those families eligible for free school meals we are in the process of making alternative arrangements and these will be communicated to you.

Learners have been given or provided with access to appropriate work for them to complete and they should do so to the best of their ability, they will need your routines and support to help them to do that. The school site will only be open to learners of the identified groups and others must not be on the school site or in public during the school day.

We reserve the right to send a child(ren) home if they become unwell or exhibit poor behaviours for learning. Should your child or a member of the family become ill then the recommended isolation periods must be adhered to and learners will not be allowed back to school, for eligible families, for 14 days.

May I take this opportunity to wish all our families good health. We look forward to seeing you all as we return. For updates please continue to follow our school or Trust twitter accounts (@wolfretonsch and @ConsortiumTrust) and websites which will be updated as frequently as new information becomes available. We will continue to use the usual forms of communication with you as the situation develops.

Continue to look after yourself and each other #BeKind.

Yours sincerely

S Kukuc (Miss)