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T-shirt design for charity

Well done to Wolfreton student Ethan Steels who has designed a t-shirt for local charity Life for a Kid. Life for a Kid was set up in March 2009 with the aim of helping children under the age of 16 by offering funds and equipment to help them lead a better life and to also help children who require life saving or life changing operations and equipment. The Life for a Kid Sensory Centre located in Hull supports children with autism, Asperger, Mowat Wilson Syndrome and more with the following amenities: Soft Play Area, Dark Sensory Room, Ball Pool and Tactile Feel Room and Sensory Gardens.

Ethan said ‘The charity helps people with their confidence, everyone there is really nice and approachable and they made me feel like I fitted right in. I used the idea of puzzle pieces representing autism when I designed the t-shirt and put them on the sleeves which worked well. I am the youngest ambassador for the charity and me and my mum took part in the Gung Ho 5K race to promote the charity. I have also raised £106 by selling sweet bags.’