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Work Experience

As part of the Careers Education and Work Related Learning Programme in school, we organise a period of one week’s work experience for the whole of Year 10. Students are allocated their dates for work experience during the spring term and the work experience takes place over one of two weeks in the middle of June.

The students are given information on employer requirements and how work experience relates to the world of work. The process begins in November. Students are given a letter with a parental consent form. Parental consent must be given before any student is allowed to go on work experience. Students also receive a self-found form which they need to get completed if they wish to provide their own placement.

Please be aware that whilst we make every effort to try and get students their first or second choice of work placement, this is not always possible. Work areas such as sport, electrical, construction, motor vehicle, journalism/media, veterinary and accountancy are particularly difficult to obtain. Therefore we recommend that any students wishing to work in these areas try to obtain their own placements using the self-canvass forms. Self-found forms need to be returned by the deadline given as all placements need to be approved by the Education to Work (E2W) and this process can sometimes take up to six weeks.

Students who are unable to find their own work placement will be able to apply for a placement from the school allocation. Training on how to do this is given during the spring term.

We have built a good reputation with employers over the years and we do expect our students to be ambassadors for the school and to show excellent behaviour and attitude.