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Deep Learning Days

Deep Learning Days are a key feature of the curriculum at Wolfreton.  These collapsed timetable days provide opportunities for students to spend extended amounts of time focussing on a subject or theme.  Four Deep Learning Days are delivered across the school (Years 7-11) and are dedicated to the delivery of PSHEE.  Six days are curriculum days, designed to enhance learning in different subjects.

Deep Learning Days provide the flexibility to learn how to work effectively in a team to reach a larger goal than would be possible in a single lesson.  They enable students to practise the skills needed for independent learning, to explore creative opportunities, design and make, and to study a subject in depth.

The four PSHEE Deep Learning Days provide excellent opportunities to work with external professionals and staff to explore important personal development themes.  A sample of the days in the current programme includes:

Key Stage 3        
  Anti-bullying British Citizenship Careers Democracy
  E-Safety Enterprise Health  
Key Stage 4        
  Africa Careers, Advice and Guidance E-Factor Healthy Futures
  International Enterprise Parenting Personal Finance Prison Me No Way
  Say no to racism Sex and relationships Work experience preparation