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Careers Education and Information

Young people now have to make more decisions and choices about their lifestyle, education and future careers than any previous generation. Never before has the need for good information advice and guidance been more essential.  Students can access advice from their Tutors and Pastoral Managers about a range of matters from problems in lessons to bullying behaviour, but support can also be accessed from the following areas:

The Careers and Guidance Co-ordinator

Provides information and support on a range of issues, including Sixth Form Applications, Apprenticeships, Options, Work Experience, Work Related Learning and Enterprise. The Careers Co-ordinator can be found in the Careers Office in the Achievement Centre.

The Youth Support Service

Provides information, advice, guidance and support to all young people aged 11-19. There are two advisors available in the school.

The Careers Youth Advisors

Offers impartial information, advice and guidance on a range of issues but specifically on careers, jobs, training, further and higher education finance including 16-19 Bursary and options after Year 11.

Students can make an appointment to see the advisors through their Pastoral Managers or the Careers Coordinator.

The School Nurse

Employed by the Health Service and is available to all young people. The School Nurse holds a weekly Health Plus Clinic each Thursday lunchtime at school.

Information can also be accessed from the following websites:



Labour Market Information

Log On Move On

National Careers Service